Thursday, February 19, 2015


Hi everyone, sorry for the complete lack of beta for this years event, it snuck up on me super quick..
Please read this carefully and share with all of your friends. (Especially those without facebook)

1. There is to be NO camping at the Citroen put in. If you want to stay in the gorge prior to the event you can camp at dogleg take out at the bottom of rafters road. Alternatively you can also stay at Roaring Meg put in (the plywood shed is a toilet). Please respect this wish as we are trying to re-build rapport with the farmer after some dubious goings on over the last few years.

2. The race will be based out of the Roaring Meg put in. Registration ($20 cash), briefing, prize giving, you name it, it is happening at the Roaring meg put in. 9am -10am registration, 10am briefing. From Roaring Meg we will organise shuttles up stream.

3. No throwbag = no entry. Bring your safety gear, you are all there to look out for each other. On that note, please ensure you have run the rapid before signing up to race.

4. Bring your own food, water, sunscreen etc. Allow for a good few hours on the water. My shoes are in real bad nick so BYO booties just in case.

5. Spectators. I haven't managed to lock in a boat to enable non-kayaking spectators to get to the river, but stay tuned, I'm working on it.

6. It's is looking dubious that we will manage to get riverside tunes.. Fingers crossed we get a boat bring the sounds, but perhaps byo sounds to keep your party going.

7. The after party is hosted by Xtreme Bar in Queenstown. We have bar tabs to give away throughout the night. They get stoked on playing vids for us, so if you've got something appropriate you want to play, stick it on a USB and we'll try and get it big screen.

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